Passionated specialists in supporting the organization project management to deliver the strategy in a efficient way

Through intense theoretical studies and personal experience of most of the roles in a project organization, for example portfolio manager, PMO manager, integrator, road map builder, project manager, facilitator, mentor, trainer and coach, We have a completeness in the understanding of project management and its organization that could help you increase output

Our services & Educations


  • Implementation and execution support for:
    –    protfolio management
    –    program management
    –    project management
    –    project governance
    –    Complex cost/benefit analyzes
  • Interim PMO


  • Certification training for PMO managers on several levels
  • Tailoring educations in the more complex disciplines like risk, stakeholder and benefit management
  • Orientation training within the different areas of PMO

We have the tools to help you


We have done it practically

Personal project experience

20 years covering most of the roles in a project organization like running billion projects, building billion roadmaps, change management projects, building processes, raising competences……


We have read the books

Theoretical project knowledge

Certified in project both for PMI and Prince2 standard, also certified in program,portfolio mgmt, business case and agile framework. Well studied on the most well known books and the nearby management disciplines


We know who knows the things we dont know

Volunteer engagement

Been in the board for the organizations driving the maturity in project management in the society for a number of years. Also been visiting numerous conferences and network meetings both nationally, and internationally . This means knowing most of the important people in the industry


The human perspective


Certified lifecoach and therapist. Also certified to do DISC and 360 analysis of groups and individuals. A lot of experience and education in informal leadership

Blog – News

And when the facts are missing

To miss facts in early phases is very common, although many do very detailed calculations that just become nonwork as they don't increase decision quality. By using the theories behind decisions under uncertainty together with Monte Carlo tools I recently helped a...

Stop looking under the lamp

Many organizations have problems with weak connection between the projects and the strategy, and that the project doesn’t deliver the intended benefits. The reason is that the projects don't have the tools to successfully do the work. These can be found in the tools...

Business cases and the project portfolio

The longer I work in this area, the more important I realize that a well defined business case is. This is also shown in global research. The most common reason that a project fail is not the execution, it is that it is not the right project with the right scope. The...

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