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During my working life, my passion more and more has focused on “excellence in organizations running projects”. What makes people, projects and organizations to achieve their change goals with world-class performance in a sustainable way? How to get an understanding of this complex subject? My path has been through four different tracks:

Track 1:

Practical experience I have gained by working in most of the available roles in a big organization running projects during the travel from very immature to documented high maturity. As a portfolio manager implementing and executing a portfolio approach. Here also build program structure and program management skills. Bringing a PMO with 15 senior project managers to continuous improvement has been another exciting task. Has previously been the integration manager at two 100 million Euro + projects focused on creating and operating the project structure. For a time, I built the Road Maps for major long term investment programs. Another role has been to work as facilitative specialist in planning, risk management and Lessons Learnt. Project manager for a couple of projects I have also been. As a consultant in the entire span, I have now had to face these roles in organizations with very different levels of maturity. This has given me a lot of exciting experiences on what works, and a lot of different perspectives!

Track 2:

Theoretical knowledge I have gained from a lot of studies and conferences. To deepen this I have taken certifications as project, program, portfolio manager and SAFE agilist. Most interesting now is to get the pieces together in an integrated approach!

Track 3:

National and international network I have received by having the role as Chairman of the PMI (Project Management Institute) south and a board member of the PMI Sweden. Here I have learned to know many passionate people in project profession around the world! I now change my role to pioneer working versus organizations, still in the board of directors.

Track 4:

The human perspective I have gained through certification as a therapist and coach. I have also spent a few hundred hours practicing these skills. Challenging and rewarding! In addition, I have a number of leadership educations and is certified in DISC/360 evaluation. Very useful in change management!

Contact details

Phone: +46 737 316302

Mail: hakan.olsson@p4m.se

Address: Östergatan 27, SE-211 25 Malmö, Sweden

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Rapport Håkan Olsson (P4M) skrivit tillsammans med KPMG:

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Direkt till rapporten:
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P4M i media

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