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To develop project maturity is to combine the international knowledge with experience from organizations with different structure and maturity level, but adjust it to a integrated completeness that is right for you.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process

P4M offer complete services in the area, for example:


Improve your project managers in their weak areas! Often riks management, stakeholder management and change management. We offer education, coaching and mentoring to make it work in your place!


Many organizations has problems with the gap between strategy and project, and between project and achieved benefit. Program management is a different framework that could solve it. We help you develop it in a pragmatic way with a well grounded base in best practice.


Many organizations try to drive to many projects at the same time without any prioritization and resource management. This gives low speed, low efficiency and lack of management control. With portfolio management according to best practice and practical implementation experience we help you get transparency, focus on the most important and improved result.

Business Case

Many project should never have been started, or fail because you run away with the wrong solution. With a structured work with business cases we can help you prevent that!

Benefit management

The project deliver its output and is closed down, but the organization was looking after the benefits. We help you develop a practical approach to benefit realization!


A common problem in project management is that the cooperation between steering team and project manager dont work. We offer professional facilitation of the cooperation!

Integrated product development

Today it is to slow to work sequentially, but when you start to parallelize without proper structure the risks and the non-work increase rapidly. The answer is develop the way of working to a more integrated product creation. We can help you get it in place!

Temporary PMO

Do you have problems with your projects? Based on wide experience and knowledge we could temporary take the PMO role and help you fix the most important problems!

Project management maturity

We have 20 years experience of working with the project management maturity travel. This make us competent in helping you with your travel!

Project management mentor

Many customers use us as sounding board/ mentor when they develop their project management to achieve the target quicker. Wie could be your guide in a complex landscape!

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